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The primary mission of the Saint John Community Development Corporation is to develop, restore, and revitalize the Booker Washington Heights (BWH) Community. Improvement efforts will focus on providing affordable housing for low wealth citizens in the Booker Washington Heights Community, and raising the quality of life through education, health initiatives, economic development and community empowerment will be central to achieving this mission and goal. 




To create a catalyst for development  and/or improvement, where others will invest
in historic Booker Washington Heights Community.

Saint John Community Development Corporation

Board of Directors

3404 West Beltline Boulevard, Columbia, South Carolina 29203
Office: 803-386-2154   

Board Members

  • Jackie Epps - Chairman

  • Wallace Brown, Sr. - Secretary

  • Ben Duncan - State Policies

  • Regina E. Williams - BWHC President

  • Darryl Caldwell - Treasurer

  • Milton G. Kimpson - Legal

  • Bobby Gist

  • Rev. Dr. Jamey O. Graham, Sr.

  • Hazel Bennett

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