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Our initiative is based on a Idea Module stretching traditional resume-consulting and career counseling roles to offer new services and opportunities to the Youth in our community through our Career Development Center.

Our Career center services professionals face increased student expectations every day—often beginning at the admissions stage as families ask about internship and job-search supports. Career centers are in many cases meeting expectations for student career development—yet students as a whole, still focus more on the job search itself than on acquiring job-success skills, and a significant portion of students never even seek out services.  Raising awareness of traditional and newer services, which thanks to technology can often be delivered remotely, is essential. We are proving, too, that we can create innovative programming to entice participation. Listed below are a few items from our Idea Module:

  • Broaden counseling beyond careers

  • Help connect students to paid, career-relevant work experiences

  • Plan big-city career treks

  • Encourage drop-ins

  • Become freshman-friendly

  • Offer remote assistance

  • Make wait times productive

  • Allow staff to "own" academic areas

  • Allow the outside community in

  • Record Mock Interviews

  • Encourage social sharing through networking...

  • and much more!

As we continue to grow, so will our services!

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